Krishna Electrical is a national service Provider/partner for  Industrial Electronics ,IT, Telecom and medical  PCB Repair, Refurbishments & Maintenance in the ability to repair virtually any electronic equipments or Printed Circuit Board (PCB)with an experience of 15 years.

Krishna Electrical specializes in repair, rework, BGA rework, Test and Inspection of electronic circuit boards and assemblies With Automatic Test Equipment and complete Lab facility and RoHS compliant PCB repair service.

We can able all OEM, Non-Warranty, Upgrades and Obsolete repairs, for a wide range of items.

Repair Service Offered

All Types Of Industrial Circuit Board Repairs & Refurbishments

Switch Mode Power Supply (SMPS), AC and DC Drive, VFD, MV drive, Servo Drive, Servo Pack, Processor Board, I/O Card, CNC Machine Control card, PLC, LCD, HMI, HVAC, Building Automation System, Power Supply and SMPS, Inverter Welding machine (MIG/ITG), Plasma cutting, PLC’s, Temperature Controllers, Counters, Logic boards, Test & measurements and many other specialized electronic boards too numerous to list.

If you are looking for maintenance for your plant, please contact us.

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